Meridian shipping’s pride derives from the objective of enhancing the logistics industry by providing efficient shipping and multi-modal transportation of containers, loose cargo and units.
We offer moderate tariff rates in the shipping industry thus promoting and developing both international and local business.
Our services consist of the exportation and importation containers all over the world. We provide quick shipping transportation with the aim of speeding up consignee’s business in the country of discharge resulting in short turnaround times
We also provide feeder vessel allocation from hubs for efficient shipment deliveries.

Product Services
Port Services
Vessel Clearance (Arrival, stay & Departure)  Harboring  Tugging  Berthing/De-berthing  Anchoring  Piloting  Mooring/Unmooring
Tallying & Inspection Services
 Lashing/Unlashing  Stripping/Stuffing Tally
Stevedoring Services  Containerized Cargo  Motor Vehicles  Conventional Cargo

Vessel Cleaning  Containerized Vessels  Roro Carriers  Conventional Carriers  Tankers & other Vessels
Vessel Provisions/Supplies  Ship Spares  Fresh Water  Foods Stuffs  Magazines
Vessel Security/Guard Services  24hrs Security Guards  Security Cameras

Vessel Calling Port (Mooring/Un Mooring)
Vessel Routing/Re-routing  Ports of Call  Shipper Register Vessel Scheduling Summary  14 days vessel list updates Vessel Documentation  Stowage Plan  Cargo Manifest  Discharge List  Cargo Declaration Form  Passenger Manifest  Amendments if any
Vessel Berthing  Berth Applications process  Shifting Vessels  Un – Berthing Vessels Ship/Port Dues  Pilotage fee  Tug Fee  Mooring Fee  Port/Harbor fee  Dockage/Buoyage/Anchorage Fee

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